Local And Location-Based: Combining Strategies For Mobile Marketing Maturity

Shutterstock Success for mobile marketers starts with a deep understanding of location data and the rich insights that mobile devices allow advertisers and their partners to unlock. However, the best outcomes — the ones that drive successful campaigns — don’t come easy. They take expertise and a level of mobile-marketing maturity that not every advertiser can boast in the early days of building out their mobile strategies. Mobile marketing maturity requires a full command of the concepts of local and location-based marketing. When it comes to how advertisers can pursue the mobile moment — when the consumer uses their mobile device to achieve something — the distinction between local and location-based is critical. It’s important to identify what this distinction entails and how, when you fully understand it, you can work more powerfully by bringing together the two approaches. Local Marketing, Location-Based Marketing: Not One And The Same Definitions and understandings of local and location-based marketing differ. To start, taking a cue from Marketing-Schools.org , “local marketing” centers on reaching consumers who can discover and make purchases at a given nearby physical location. By definition, the target is a geographically local audience or people in a given community who […]

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