Marketing In The ‘Now’ And ‘Next’

Analysis These five trends show how offline-to-online advertising is ushering in the era of ‘now-to-next’ marketing, writes Kinetic Global CMO Liliana Caro. One clear thing coming out of dmexco last week is that the nature of the customer journey has evolved, crisscrossing the physical and digital worlds. As marketers, so must we. We no longer need to ask whether they’re “connected” or not: All people are already part of this morphing “always-on” world. It’s great news for brands and agencies alike, striving to create more timely and dynamic conversations between businesses and customers. What’s even better? We’re now able to precisely understand in which offline contexts these audiences digitally engage with brands. Think of mobile engagements triggered in-store: While it’s made in the moment, it’s also paving the way for retargeting. So this should not only help us understand the “now,” but also be many steps ahead of the game. Here are five trends showing how offline-to-online advertising is ushering in the era of now-to-next marketing. Generation Z is always moving Generation Z is the top contending demographic of the day. Like their Gen Y brethren, they are mobile first. With over 96% of them owning smart phones, they […]

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