Mobile Retargeting Ads: Missing Link for Marketers

junedghanchi It does not really take statistics to make us believe in the power of mobile app to move products and services of businesses and ensure revenue for them. But in spite of the power of mobile apps as a marketing tool, they also represent a tremendously frantic zone with the attention span of the audience is continuously shrinking and new apps grabbing their attention. This is why reminding users and reaching them, again and again, is incredibly important. Mobile retargeting ads open up another scope to reach the target audience for mobile app developers and marketers. How and when retargeting happen? Among the plethora of eye-opening statistics, it is quite a revelation for the marketers that nearly 80% of app users just uninstall an app within the very first download. On the other hand in respect of user volume, the number of app users far exceeds the mobile browsers. All these statistics and observations together point out towards the big gap between mobile user acquisition and retention. Most users after first few days of use just churn out to another app while uninstalling your app. Well, if you forget them just the way they left you in oblivion; […]

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