Mobile Technology: Meet Customers on Their Terms

Was your dealership technology built to accommodate an old, outdated process? When I started working in the automotive industry 26 years ago, I expected that cars would change and evolve significantly in the future. Like others in the industry, I did not anticipate the car-buying experience would change so drastically during the same time period. Gone are the days of a predictable, linear car-buying process where customers follow a natural path between planned stops at your dealership. Today’s car customers do business on their own terms. Unfortunately, your dealership technology was probably built to accommodate that old, outdated process. It’s time to adapt to industry changes by adopting the latest mobile technology that allows dealership representatives to meet customers where they are. Meet customer mobility expectations Increased availability of information has transformed the automotive industry over the past decade. Because information is easy to access in other areas of their lives, customers have grown impatient and unwilling to wait for answers to their questions. Whether inside at a desk or outside on the lot, car buyers now expect your staff to have immediate access to inventory, specifications, pricing, and other types of information. They do not like to wait […]

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