Retailers, get ready: It’s the most mobile time of year

It may still feel like summer, but it’s never too early for consumers to start thinking about what that special someone has been eyeing for the holidays. Before we know it, we’ll be in the midst of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales cycle, followed immediately by December’s holiday shopping frenzy. This holiday season is set to be by far the most mobile yet. As many of us return home to spend time with our families, we tend to leave our bulky devices behind, with only our phone or tablet to access the internet. This holiday season isn’t just busy for retailers; shoppers are running around with a million things on their minds, from selecting the best turkey to picking the perfect present. Smart marketers recognize consumer anxiety and offer as much convenience as possible. Setting the right strategy for the next few months is critical. With fewer than 100 days before the post-Thanksgiving shopping mania, marketers need to focus on some key details to power a magical holiday experience. Reduce cognitive load at the checkout Digital cart abandonment is now at a shocking 69.23 percent, according to the Baymard Institute’s analysis of existing research . But this […]

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