17 Tools Your Marketing Cannot Do Without in 2017

What marketing tools should your company be using right now? In the past decade, Marketing has gained access to a host of SaaS tools that optimize, simplify, and generally improve marketing efforts. Some, like Google’s suite of tools, or Facebook’s advertising options, have been around for a few years now—an eternity in Internet time—and you’re probably already using them. Others are much newer, often with abstract names that don’t necessarily reveal how powerful they really are. Here are 17 for 2017: some new, some tried and true, all totally useful. 1. IFTTT . An acronym for "if this then that," IFTTT is a free protocol that allows users to write "recipes" for automation across 300+ services, apps, and devices. For example, you could set up a recipe that notifies you by text every time a follower writes on your Facebook wall, or one that saves every photo you post on Instagram to a folder in Dropbox. 2. Zapier . Need extensive automation across many different platforms and services? Zapier may be the answer to your prayers. Using this innovative tool, you can build "Zaps" that integrate more than 750 Web and mobile apps. Best of all, a limited plan […]

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