4 Effective Tips To Create A Mobile-Friendly Lead Generation Form

Customer engagement is one of the most crucial goals of online presence and a challenging one too. Owing to the ever increasing mobile traffic, making a good impression and getting the message across via small screen and mobile functionalities has become quite tough. To overcome the limitation you must apply a good dose of creativity and make the most of the situation. Why do you need to go mobile-friendly? Look around! Do you see people opening their laptops to search for products or services? Nope, they are just using their phones. Also, let us look at the stats: According to Cisco , in 2014 the number of mobile-connected devices surpassed the world’s overall population and there will be 11.6 billion mobile-connected devices by 2020. According to Marketing Land , mobile at present represents 65% of all digital media time. Furthermore, by 2019, mobile advertising is estimated to represent 72% of all U.S. digital ad spending. Email Monday reports that mobile email opens have grown by 180% in the last three years. There is no denying of the fact that mobile optimization is a necessity today. And you need to look for ways to optimize for mobile devices in order […]

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