How to Market Differently (and Effectively) to Each Generation

Millennials are key to the future of your business—but don’t discount the importance of reaching customers from other generations You wouldn’t send a push notification advertising a sale on cognac to an 11-year-old or an email to Australian customers wishing them a happy Arbor Day. Why? Because customer messages need to match the audience receiving them to be effective. (Also, selling alcohol to minors is illegal.) There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when customizing your outreach to better speak to your customers—including their location , language , in-app behavior , and more—but there’s one that marketers would be wise to pay more attention to: namely, each customer’s generation. Why generational marketing matters When your mom is looking to get a new blender, how does she decide which one? The answer could depend on her age, where she’s from, what kind of work she does or did do, and a hundred other factors, such as her general comfort with technology. Now, put your marketing hat back on. Given what you know about all of her various considerations before she might buy a blender, how would you market that blender to her? How might you market it […]

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