Tap Into The Brand Marketing Power of An App

Your Brand App Can Connect Direct to Fans CREDIT: Getty Images At this point, in our modern business world, if you aren’t using technology to propel your business forward, you’re doing something wrong. Apps, for example, carry a huge amount of power if they’re done right. And while we’ve recognized the fact that everyone is doing everything on their cell, we haven’t quite laid out what it means to "do it right" when discussing apps , until now. Why Does Building Your Own App Seem Obscure? Part of the reason app advice has been somewhat obscure is because of the expertise required. Most business owners, who are at a place where they can afford to build an app (because it can also be incredibly expensive) aren’t tech magnates and so even identifying features or what they want can be difficult. But now, rather than 7 months to build, the timeline is closer to 14 days. And the cost isn’t tens of thousands of dollars, which opens the possibilities to a larger consumer base . This is why I have been searching and seeking a more simplified app creation process for brandcasting: brand + podcasting. My process for research and […]

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