The Next 10 Years In Mobile

The iPhone is 10 years old. Sometimes it is hard to believe that something so central to our modern lives simply wasn’t a thing a mere decade ago: but that’s the way it is. In those 10 years a huge amount has changed, not just in terms of the technology itself but in the way we as consumers, individuals – people – behave and manage our time . That’s an impressive record for a small piece of technology we put into our pocket without a moment’s thought. But what comes next? What does the future look like for the smartphone, and indeed does it have a future at all? We recently canvassed opinion from some of the industry’s smartest minds, and this article collects some of that opinion, along with a little bit of Swrve’s take on the world. “I don’t believe the smartphone has a future, or at least not in the same way as today”. That’s the view of Paul Berney , CMO and Managing Director of the Mobile Marketing Association in EMEA. But before we keel over in shock, that’s simply a way of noting that the hardware itself becomes less and less significant. “The device […]

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