5 Essential In-App Marketing Campaigns Every App Needs

There’s an in-app marketing campaign for every scenario. Want to guide users through your signup flow ? Just create tappable help buttons to trigger pop-ups that explain what each field means. Want to make sure your dashboard isn’t too complicated? Add a tip-of-the-day feature to help new users acquaint themselves with your interface. Some in-app marketing campaigns are optimized for specific types of apps, but others are universal. Today, we’ll discuss the in-app messaging campaigns that every app needs, regardless of category. 1. Secure More Push Notification Opt-Ins It’s hard to imagine an app that wouldn’t benefit from push notifications. All of our research points to push as a key factor in retention , no matter the app vertical. That’s why every app needs a reliable way to obtain push notification opt-ins. In-app campaigns are one of the safest ways to ask for push permissions. Normally, if a user denies the generic system prompt, apps aren’t allowed to request permission again. Users would have to manually update their settings if they ever want to receive push notifications. Yet, if you initiate the ask with an in-app message rather than the system prompt, you can ask as many times as […]

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