A Guide to Website Optimization for Mobile Devices

For every website, being mobile friendly is now a must. Traffic from mobile devices is now higher from desktops and laptops and so mobile friendliness is now a key factor. It has been included in Google’s ranking factor. To learn about search engine optimization, read this Introduction to SEO Why Take Mobile Optimization Seriously? Searches on Google from mobile are more than desktop, Amazon made more sales from mobile in 2015 and Facebook is being used more frequently on mobile than tablets or desktops. These highlight the importance of a mobile friendly website and how it can improve your sales and profits. Read also: OnPage SEO Guide for top search engine ranking Websites that are not mobile friendly cannot achieve good sales results today and their ranking will drop and visitors will also drop. Ranking and visitors are directly correlated. According to internet reports, the top 5 websites on the front page attract over 60percent of the traffic related to the keyword. That means, you must take the ranking position of your website seriously. Also read: How to Use Keywords in Website Content for SEO Gains Is Mobile SEO Different from normal SEO? Google takes into account, a number […]

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