Can B-to-B Mobile Marketing Fulfill Its Promise?

Alignment with sales, new technologies may finally provide a way forward egal/ When Apple’s first iPhone rolled out in 2007, B-to-B marketers started to chatter about "The Year of Mobile." The 2010 release of the iPad again raised assurances from marketers that mobile would soon eclipse other channels. Nearly eight years later, "The Year of Mobile" remains still over the horizon. But the outlook may be starting to shift among B-to-B companies when it comes to monetizing mobile marketing. A 2016 study by AdMedia Partners found that within the next two years, 15 percent of B-to-B marketers will garner more than 60 percent of their business from mobile, up from just 3 percent of marketers in 2015. The global study of more than 6,000 executives working in advertising, digital marketing, marketing technology, and related fields also found that the largest share of marketers (41 percent) will garner 20 to 40 percent of their business from mobile by 2018. Against that backdrop, for B-to-B marketers to fully realize the potential of their mobile marketing investments, they must get sales on board. According to " State of the Connected Customer ," a survey conducted by Salesforce of more than 7,000 business […]

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