EMarketer lowers Facebook Messenger growth forecast as Snapchat, Instagram gain

Brief: Among chat apps, Facebook Messenger dominates the U.S. market with 125.4 million users this year, up 7.5% from a year earlier, according to a new benchmark report from eMarketer . However, eMarketer lowered its estimates of Facebook Messenger growth through 2021, as data indicate that teens and adults ages 18-24 are engaging less with the platform in favor of Snapchat and Facebook’s Instagram. Americans will use an average of 20.7 apps a month this year, and that number will decline in the next few years as smartphone users concentrate their usage among fewer apps. Weather apps are the most popular category this year with about 157.4 million Americans using a smartphone to check forecasts at least once a month, up 7 percent from a year earlier. Maps are the second-most popular category with about 142.9 million monthly users this year, up 7.8% from 2016. Sports apps are forecast to grow 9.8% to 42.8 million people in 2017 from a year earlier, eMarketer said. The sports category includes apps from news providers such as ESPN, NBC Sports, NFL Mobile, fantasy leagues and live streaming of games. Insight: The news that Messenger’s growth is slowing is surprising given that messaging […]

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