How Crucial is Big Data Analytics in Mobile advertising?

“We ran a campaign for both mobile and desktop and the results were unsurprisingly in favour of mobile.” Photo Credit : Background:; Foreground: DP2Web, We’re in an algorithmic world. Everything we do on digital is recorded and now, being understood. By mapping a consumer’s digital footprint, marketers are able to understand their audience better and run targeted advertising. In essence, we are data. Bits and portions of us tell us a lot about who we are. And yes, there are privacy concerns, and yes, there are major areas that require regulatory control. For this, there’s a lot of authored articles out there and I’m not going to attempt talking about one. As a digital advertising man, my area of expertise is to understand how data can make advertising better. How data can help marketers sell their products, bring in more accountability to the opaque world of digital advertising and so on. From the era of TV advertising to now, data is a clear differentiator in how advertising has changed. There’s a lot more accountability in advertising now. The good old days of ‘TRP ratings’ are obsolete and we’re already witnessing early days of mobile and desktop advertising budgets […]

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