How Negative Buyer Personas Can Shape Your Ideal Personas

We’ve all experienced that type of prospect. The special type of person who clicks around your website, reads your content, and even comments on your blog posts—with no apparent intent of making a purchase. Naturally, however, you spend the time and money to chase the prospect, right? Let’s be blunt. Unfortunately, there are leads who will never buy your products or services. Ever. And if they do, not only did they cost an exorbitant amount of money to acquire, they have a greater chance of churning and are unlikely to purchase more than once. They’re also generally finicky. Some may complain about everything. Others may berate your customer support team. These prospects leave your team frustrated and exhausted—and take a toll on your resources (and sanity). As you know, sales and marketing resources are finite. In other words, no amount of money justifies these customers. Any marketer worth their salt knows that buyer personas can help teams understand their audience and reduce these costly interactions. However, it’s equally essential to bolster your strategy with negative personas. Why should negative buyer personas be treated the same way as traditional ones—and introduced in any inbound marketing program? This article explains the […]

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