How to approach Mobile Marketing Strategy as a CMO?

Let me tell you something, if you are a CMO who is creating the mobile strategy for the first time, then only god can help you. Guess what, the fault is not yours. Mobile marketing space has become increasingly complex and confusing for even the best of digital professionals and building an integrated mobile marketing approach for the company is no child’s play. As a CMO, the most important thing to do before building your mobile marketing framework, is to get the right facts on table so as to see the future strategy in the right perspective. Here’s how a CMO can approach his mobile marketing strategy: Curate the right Mobile Trends Mobile is one of the hottest topics in the digital parlance, and it would continue to remain critical until AI takes over . Every platform owner (like Google & Facebook) or market research agencies (like KPMG & Nielsen) offer their biased point of views w.r.t mobile strategies. The idea should be to hand pick the most relevant trends that suits your nature of business. Also see : Mobile Marketing – A quick guide for chief marketing officer and digital agencies Defining Consumer Journey in Mobile Consumer Journey […]

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