Introducing Amazon’s Two-Way Text Messaging for AWS

These days, it seems as though every business has begun to recognise the value of customer experience for differentiation. Since one of the best ways to find out what customers want from a company, is to facilitate better communication with them, it makes sense that modern Comms organisations are developing new ways to allow for connections between consumers and their favourite brands. Amazon Web Services (AWS) are the latest organisation to jump on this particular bandwagon, with their new “Pinpoint” tool, a strategy that lets developers send more targeted, and contextual push notifications to their audience. The idea is that the new two-way texting functionality will allow Pinpoint users to send more advanced messages to SMS topics. Why the Focus on SMS? Push notifications and mobile marketing have become a more popular area for advertising experts lately. After all, the average consumer spends most of their day attached to their smartphone. According to a software engineer from AWS, Randall Hunt, SMS has long been an area of focus for Amazon, so partners, clients, and vendors should all be watching the news for more innovations in the future. Randall suggested that although the two-way texting feature was actually released a […]

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