Mobile first is not mobile only

If your website is the front door for your audiences — most importantly prospective and current students — then mobile is the driveway. Consider these points to make it the best possible experience. 1. Mobile should never be an afterthought. By thinking about your mobile site first, you’re forced to construct a hierarchy and think about efficiency. The smallest screen will require your site’s leanest version, containing only what’s essential. Sure, your full website will have more content. But when your target audience is Gen Z — who spend more than 80 percent of their digital time on a smartphone and who have an eight-second attention span — an optimized mobile experience is everything. 2. Mobile first is not mobile only. You know that the mobile experience is paramount, but it shouldn’t be the only consideration for your institution’s digital presence. You never know how a prospective student, a parent, or an alum might find you on the web. Remember the driveway metaphor? Your mobile site should get the user to your front door — the desktop version of your website. If the former is well designed, simple, and quick loading, then the latter should be too. Once a […]

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