Mobile location: bridging the gap between online and offline

With brands allocating 25% of their marketing budget to mobile location targeting in 2017, and 50 billion devices predicted to be connected by 2020, mobile location targeting is both a valuable and increasingly important asset in any marketer’s arsenal. Once limited to just a few data sources, now layers of data can be accessed, and, used correctly, mobile location could help bridge the all-important gap between the online and offline worlds. Tackling the topic head-on, the IAB Mobile Location seminar, held on 27 September, outlined the potential for brands. Here are four key points to take away from the event: Mobile location is much more than a pin on a map Mobile location data (MLD) is now much more than just a single location point. The best MLD should be applied using three important dimensions: Data about the user – latitude, longitude co-ordinates. Data about the surrounding area – places of interest. Context – is the user travelling; how many times has a user visited the place? Collection methodologies dictate its potential Gaining insights for better advertising can only be as good as the data itself. So, it’s vital to understand collection methodologies, the accuracy of data and its […]

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