Mobile magic

In recent years, we have seen a market increase in mobile usage. In 2017, 66 per cent of Britons used their mobile phone to browse the internet 33 per cent will leave a website if it won’t display properly on their mobile. Over 50 per cent of property searches start on a mobile device, and search engines rank responsive sites higher than non-responsive. There is no doubt that every estate agent must have a mobile responsive website – one designed to adapt to the device used. Nelly Berova But this is no longer enough. The way consumers browse on their phones is different to the way they browse through a desktop device. To give the best experience on a mobile phone, one should consider how people consume information, and lay it out accordingly. What does this mean for estate agents’ websites and their customers? On average, visitors to estate agents’ websites spent a third less time when using their mobile devices than when browsing a site through a desktop computer. This means the intent on a mobile device is different, and so should the layout of the site. Make sure that your main calls to action are visible on […]

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