Mobile Marketing and the New B2B Buyer

In the B2B marketplace, mobile is moving fast. Despite the complexity of B2B purchasing, more and more buyers are using smartphones, and mobile’s influence is reshaping the B2B purchase pathway. This is creating substantial opportunities for marketers who get it right. Still, many have been slow to adapt. New BCG research indicates that mobile’s effect on B2B buying, already significant, is set to accelerate. B2B marketing leaders are using mobile to engage customers, and it is having an evident impact, including reduced purchasing time and higher customer loyalty. Our research shows that for these leaders, mobile is already driving, or influencing, an average of more than 40% of their revenue—in industries that traditionally have depended much more on sales than marketing to generate revenue. Mobile speeds up time to purchase, particularly in more complex transactions, and a positive mobile user experience increases repurchase rates. While many marketers point to a lack of direct evidence of mobile’s impact—citing factors such as insufficient research and customer insight, difficulties measuring mobile marketing performance, and low mobile conversion rates—it is becoming increasingly apparent that those not engaging customers on their smartphones risk losing sales and share. More shrewd and aggressive companies are establishing […]

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