Mobile -Text Message Marketing via Loyalty Rewards Program and Millennials

What has marketing come to? Is it good or bad that we now have pretty much done away with traditional advertising and marketing? Traditional as in newspaper, flyers, direct mail etc. Well, seeing that new marketing methods have found a way to break down the communication barrier that once made customers feel harassed and misunderstood, we are now able thanks to technology to get more in tune with each individual customer on a personal level and figure out their shopping habits. Text message or mobile marketing has become the most effective form of marketing in 2017. Millennials have adopted a whole new way of engaging with each other whether it be on social media or via text and it seems they prefer their marketing the same! Marketing has for sure played a significant role in some of the leading top corporate businesses development and growth throughout the years. Companies like Starbucks for example have mastered the art of customer loyalty and customer engagement. But the issue we found was how does the small business owner who owns the local coffee shop on the corner compete with such powerful companies? It’s simple; loyalty is the key in any business’s growth, […]

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