Organizing your company to win in mobile

Nearly every company I’ve spoken with is experiencing some form of a crisis of confidence when it comes to their investment in mobile — from retail to media apps. Don’t be fooled by the plethora of apps you see in the App Store. Brands are struggling with mobile. One reason is that they’re not organized well enough to address mobile . For many companies operating in the mobile space, something still feels a bit… off. And despite the early momentum, there’s plenty of evidence today that there’s low app adoption and consumer satisfaction — in fact, according to our company’s data, 24 percent of people have no problem dropping your app after just one use. But with more and more time spent on mobile and in apps , how can this be? You’ve likely heard talk about a phenomenon known as the “ mobile engagement crisis ” — where brands are failing to innovate quickly enough to meet customers’ expectations. We’re in it, people, and for brands, the struggle is real . Here lies the problem It’s not the viability of mobile you should be worried about, but rather the execution and implementation of mobile as a strategy. The […]

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