Reaching consumers in the mobile moment with programmatic display

IAB’s latest advertising stats have shown that mobile ad spend has increased 50.8% year-on-year , with ads on mobile making up a massive 38% of overall digital ad spend . Consumers are becoming increasingly mobile-connected; rather than simply being used as a research channel, mobile is growing as the device used to make purchases, which opens up a range of exciting and creative opportunities for advertising tactics to be used that are unique to mobile. The very personal nature of the mobile device allows brands to create a one-to-one experience, giving the opportunity to engage with users on a personal level. We take a look at some of the formats and tactics that can form your programmatic display approach on mobile. Formats for mobile Mobile provides a totally different user experience from desktop, meaning it’s crucial for creative assets to be developed with mobile delivery in mind. It’s important to understand the contexts in which different channels on mobile are used, and provide the best format to suit that environment and audience motivation. Technological advances such as the rise of 4G coverage have changed the way audiences consume media, and therefore given advertisers the opportunity to reach audiences in […]

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