Report: More than 50% of digital media time now spent within five mobile apps

The popular narrative around the rise of the mobile web and smartphone apps has been one of increasing audience fragmentation. But the opposite may actually be happening — concentration and consolidation. More digital media time is concentrated in smartphone apps than on the mobile web or PC. And most of that time is spent in a small number of apps, led by Facebook. Users are also downloading fewer new apps, so it’s getting harder to break through. Earlier today, comScore published its 2017 US Mobile App Report detailing these trends. Digital media time spent with the desktop stands at 34 percent, with smartphone apps at 50 percent. Tablet and mobile web represent the remaining 16 percent. And though it sees dramatically lower engagement, the mobile web has roughly 2x the reach of mobile apps. Above is the breakdown of digital time spent by age category. Those in the 18–24 age group spend the least time with the desktop, while those in the 65+ category spend the most. This data and other findings in the report contain clear audience targeting implications. The report also presents the time spent by vertical with mobile apps. For example, 96 percent of time with […]

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