Study: Interactive video ads boost viewing time 47%

Brief: Interactive video ads drive a 47% gain in time spent with a marketing message compared to a non-interactive ad, according to a study from Magna, a media strategy group of ad giant IPG Media Lab. Brands triple their time spent with consumers from 15-second interactive ads when consumers interact with it, according to a press release made available to Mobile Marketer . Even if viewers don’t click on an online video, the sheer option to interact makes the ad 32% more memorable than non-interactive ads, the study found, driving 9x higher impact on purchase intent. These figures are consistent among gender, age and within industry verticals. Amazon, Arby’s and MillerCoors participated in the study, which measured the effect of interactive video ads across devices like tablets, PC and mobile. Insight: Magna’s research shows the power of interactive video ads, a technology that has been touted since the 1990s with mixed success. The proliferation of mobile devices, which put massive computing power into the hands of most adults in the U.S., makes interactive ads more feasible than ever. Consumers often treat their mobile devices as an intimate part of their lives as the digital world becomes less of a […]

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