The Power of Digital Marketing: How Dealers Can Use Technology To Engage Consumers

Decades ago, most people were only exposed to advertisements on television screens, magazines, billboards. In the span of the past twenty years, the way companies reach out to consumers has rapidly evolved. One instrument that has sped up this change is the introduction of computers and smartphones. These devices have allowed companies to have another mechanism of reaching consumers in an even more interactive way. 362 Ads A Day A study by Media Dynamics released some astounding data regarding the average consumer’s exposure to ads: in 1945 individuals were exposed to 5.2 hours of media every day, in 2014 the number shot up to 9.8. In 2014, people saw a daily average of 362 ads across radio, television, Internet, newspapers, and magazines. This surge of involuntary ad exposure has seemed to wear thin with the average consumer since 86 percent of people reportedly skip ads. Translating this to the automotive industry, how can dealers bridge the gap and utilize new methods to connect consumers with the vehicles and services they need while keeping them engaged? Mobile Marketing Is Essential With the emergence of smartphones, mobile marketing has become key. Its prevalence has made marketers of all industries, especially auto […]

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