“Thumb Stopping Creativity” – The Holy Grail Of Mobile Marketing, and How To Achieve It

Sometimes you just read a phrase and know exactly what is meant by it – and it perfectly captures a truth that hasn’t been expressed quite so well before. I felt like that when I heard Sheryl Sandberg use the phrase “thumb stopping creativity” to describe the secret sauce that great mobile creative has. Because the truth is that whilst we all use our phones more than ever before, in many cases we’re not necessarily paying a huge amount of attention. That’s particularly true, of course, in media and social apps including Facebook. It’s not a crime to admit that sometimes users are simply going through the motions or killing time when in our apps . In fact it helps us understand that we have to work hard to get their attention, and harder again to make them act on what we tell them. Perhaps the single biggest and most pervasive myth in marketing is the idea that campaigns become effective simply by existing (most people will correctly shake their heads at this point, but trust me – most organizations still operate on this principle). The truth is that poorly executed campaigns with weak content only do one thing […]

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