Why Authenticity in Influencer Marketing Is Not a Fad

The following is a guest contributed post by Harvey Schwartz, EVP Talent & Founding Partner, WHOSAY On top of a year of fake news, sketchy festivals, click-bait, and disturbing political drama we’re all clamoring for more truth in our lives…. and especially our social feeds. And if you follow influencers, hopefully you’re entertained by their exciting lives and inspiring messages. And, as such, you hope they maintain some level of honesty on the content they share—as a simple pay-back for following along their social journey. So If you’re a brand looking to partner with influencers, find the path to keeping it real. Seek… authenticity. It’s the latest buzzword, emphasized for good reason given the pervasive disdain for the fake. Just as you trust a friend telling you to watch a cool show or eat at a great restaurant, you want your audience to trust your brand message as delivered by the influencer. It sounds easy, but we’re not scripting a TV commercial where actors are being paid to read lines that everyone knows is a marketing message. Influencer marketing is a new format where you have to match the right influencer with your brand and ensure there’s an actual […]

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