With Snap Accelerate, Snapchat pursues mobile startups that built Facebook’s ad biz

A newly public company with mounting concerns over the viability of its advertising business, Snapchat in 2017 resembles Facebook in 2012. Now, to address the issue, Snapchat is taking a page from Facebook’s playbook. Snapchat has rolled out a program to win over the same type of marketer that Facebook relied on to build up its mobile ad business: mobile app developers looking to acquire new users. Called Snap Accelerate, the program will help mobile startups to advertise on Snapchat by offering them benefits including early access to new ad products as well as credits that can be used to buy ads. A Snapchat spokesperson said the company will not hold participating startups to its usual spending requirements, such as a commitment to spend a certain amount on Snapchat ads over a certain period of time. Snap Accelerate is the latest example this year of Snapchat trying to lower the barrier to entry for advertisers and attain must-buy status . After rolling out an advertising API to enable brands to automate their Snap Ad buys through third-party ad-buying tools, the company introduced a self-serve tool for businesses to buy Snap Ads on their own and a self-serve tool for […]

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