The Cost of App Development

1. Overview Whether you wish to create a new revenue stream, enhance an existing service or craft a branded experience for customers, an app makes the perfect solution for your business. The growth of the app market has been rapid; even faster than that of the Internet back in the 90s. The volume of apps hitting the market on a daily basis is phenomenal, and this means two things; popularity is high and competition is rife. For this reason it is necessary to develop an app that offers high-level value and/or enjoyment to the end user. To do this an appropriate budget must be set in order to realise goals and meet expectations. Contrary to popular belief, the process for the development and design of an app is very different to that of a website, and in general, depending on the technicality involved, requires a higher budget. Before you go any further with your planning, it is important that you fully understand how app development works. This article has been created to give you a point of reference for planning the development of your app. The document is by no means definitive in terms of costing, but will provide […]

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