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910, 2017

Will Messenger Lose Out to Snapchat, Instagram Through 2021?

eMarketer lowered its growth projections for Facebook Messenger through 2021 in favor of sister application Instagram and rival Snapchat. The research firm found that Messenger dominated the chat app market in the U.S., with 125.4 [...]

910, 2017

Reasons for Making Mobile Marketing Your Priority

In the advertising area, marketers are continually looking for brilliant things with a view to preserve them ahead of their competitors within the marketplace. You do no longer need to worry anymore due to the [...]

910, 2017

How Crucial is Big Data Analytics in Mobile advertising?

“We ran a campaign for both mobile and desktop and the results were unsurprisingly in favour of mobile.” Photo Credit : Background: http://media.dmnews.com; Foreground: DP2Web, We’re in an algorithmic world. Everything we do on digital [...]

910, 2017

The What, Why and How of Mobile App Marketing

As of March 2017, it is reported that there are over 2 million apps in Apple’s App Store and close to 3 million in Google’s Play Store. The global mobile app market is predicted to [...]

910, 2017

Can B-to-B Mobile Marketing Fulfill Its Promise?

Alignment with sales, new technologies may finally provide a way forward egal/Thinstock.com When Apple's first iPhone rolled out in 2007, B-to-B marketers started to chatter about "The Year of Mobile." The 2010 release of the [...]

910, 2017

Introducing Amazon’s Two-Way Text Messaging for AWS

These days, it seems as though every business has begun to recognise the value of customer experience for differentiation. Since one of the best ways to find out what customers want from a company, is [...]

910, 2017

8 Mobile Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore

As we become more and more reliant on our smartphones, mobile marketing becomes more critical for the modern brand. The sooner we get on the mobile marketing train, the better off we are going to [...]

910, 2017

SMS Surveys Are the Only Way to Get Customer Feedback

We all want to grow our business. And a great way to grow your business is by keeping your customers happy and understanding why your unhappy customers are… unhappy. Getting customer feedback is imperative to [...]

910, 2017

Mobile Marketing Basics: SMS vs. Push Notifications

This is a guest article written by Joyce Solano who is Vice President of Global Marketing at Leanplum , the mobile marketing platform built for engagement. There’s a time and place for every messaging channel [...]

910, 2017

How Negative Buyer Personas Can Shape Your Ideal Personas

We’ve all experienced that type of prospect. The special type of person who clicks around your website, reads your content, and even comments on your blog posts—with no apparent intent of making a purchase. Naturally, [...]

910, 2017

A Guide to Website Optimization for Mobile Devices

For every website, being mobile friendly is now a must. Traffic from mobile devices is now higher from desktops and laptops and so mobile friendliness is now a key factor. It has been included in [...]

910, 2017

5 Essential In-App Marketing Campaigns Every App Needs

There’s an in-app marketing campaign for every scenario. Want to guide users through your signup flow ? Just create tappable help buttons to trigger pop-ups that explain what each field means. Want to make sure [...]

910, 2017

Make A Mobile App Today

Build a mobile app with our WordPress plugin. The best part is it Easy, Opensource & Free! 135,573 Apps built already. Build a mobile app with our WordPress plugin. The best part is it Easy, [...]

910, 2017

Study: Interactive video ads boost viewing time 47%

Brief: Interactive video ads drive a 47% gain in time spent with a marketing message compared to a non-interactive ad, according to a study from Magna, a media strategy group of ad giant IPG Media [...]

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